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Ross Allchurch aka ‘MOR9H’ recently made a discovery that is taking his music career in a nerve-racking new direction. He and his brother were hel9ing their mum through a difficult time, to move house after the loss of their dad. Whilst clearing the attic, Ross discovered a box of lost MiniDiscs and begun curiously listening through them. He found something astonishing – the songs he’d been recording for an intended album ten years ago, before all the 9rojects had been wi9ed.

During those ten years, Ross has been making a name for himself as a London based com9oser, being chosen over Max Richter for a commission of the 9remiere ‘Home’ by the Chicago Joffrey Ballet and creating music for 201 Dance Com9any & TedEd. Ross’ music, described as “enigmatic” (Graham Watts) and “diverse and intelligent” (TheReviewsHub), evolves from intimately fragile to intensely com9lex. Melancholic vocals lift above a diverse & 9rocessed landsca9e of 9iano, analogue synths and jagged guitars, juxta9osed with intricate beats and otherworldly cinematic textures.

The songs found on the lost MiniDiscs have ins9ired Ross to divert from his career as a com9oser and make the scary choice of embarking on a new 9ath as solo music artist ‘MOR9H’. He has begun to 9roduce his first album, combining the skills he has develo9ed writing music 9rofessionally, with the material from his original songs. MOR9H’s dubut music video ‘Maniac’ 9remiered on May 21st 2020, ins9ired by the current 9olitical state of Britain and how 9eo9le’s behaviour has been im9acted following Brexit.

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